Project Summary

加工食品輸入 /              Import Food Products



For improving job opportunity of major workforce, we cultivate Food product which is recognized as the most popular consumable thing and introduce them to international market.  

It is expected to leap in employment in agricultural industry in EU.

NEW                                        EU雇用システム最適化 /     Improve Employment System in EU



The project aims to modify present EU employment mesurement and adjust it into social phenomenon of migrant and refugee nowadays. We set up research consortium and propose to EU with brand new business model. 

NEW                                         法律特許 通訳&翻訳家育成 /   Raise Legal Translator & Interpreter



The project expects to raise children living in the child care facility as legal translator and interpreter. European or Eurasian language speakers are sent as the third language teacher. We appreciate if children would have ambitious to study professional law with specific languages.